Saturday, March 27, 2010

DU asks support for North American Wetland Conservation Act (yes, I removed the s because it is unnecessary and appears illiterate)

Please click on the headline to go to the Ducks Unlimited site and read more about the conservation act.

Contact your senators!
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Contact your senators
now!Dear Waterfowl Enthusiast,
Every year, Congress has the opportunity to fund an important program that helps conserve vital waterfowl habitat across our continent – the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA).
What sets NAWCA apart from other government programs is that every dollar from the federal government must be matched by at least one dollar from partner contributors like Ducks Unlimited. The projects are so popular that partners often contribute two to three times the federal investment.
Unlike most other government programs, every dollar spent on NAWCA means at least $2 goes to on-the-ground conservation.
A "Dear Colleague" letter is currently circulating through the U.S. Senate from Senators Blanche Lincoln (Ark.) and John Thune (S.D.), encouraging other senators to sign on and support funding for the program.
Ducks Unlimited members and supporters need to let your senators know we expect them to support NAWCA. It's good for waterfowl and waterfowl hunters!
Please click here and follow the directions to contact your members of Congress through the DU Web site. Or go to to learn more.
Thanks in advance for your help with this important issue and please pass this on to every waterfowl hunter you know.
Ducks Unlimited

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