Friday, April 20, 2012

Ducks Unlimited celebrates 75th birthday

DU Performance Pullover
Dear DU Supporter,
As we celebrate our 75th Anniversary we want to thank our DU members and volunteers who have enabled us to achieve important victories for wetlands and waterfowl. Together we've conserved more than 12 million acres of vital waterfowl habitat across North America.
But right now...
We have a real fight on our hands.
The challenges we face today are more serious than ever. The rate of wetlands loss has increased 140% in the last seven years. Since 1950 U.S. wetland loss equals more than the surface area of Lakes Superior and Erie combined.
How you can help: Support our 75th Anniversary campaign with a gift of $40 or moretoday and we will send you the DU 75th Anniversary Performance Pullover.
Your donation will support DU's science-based conservation projects that aim to restore vital habitat that will benefit waterfowl and protect our hunting traditions.
Together let's continue DU's legacy now and for the next 75 years. Thank you for your generous gift.
Jim West
Chief Fundraising Officer